How our solution assists

Retail Secure recognise that PCI compliance can often be confusing and time-consuming for retailers and merchants, which is why we have devised a simple, innovative and effective solution – RetailCompli. We will take care of PCI DSS requirements for you, including filling out the Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

So, what is RetailCompli? This is a cloud-based management service, which is unlike any other cyber and network security solution on the market. This service gives small businesses the ability to compete with large companies that have access to security personnel and expensive systems. With RetailCompli, you will be able to meet compliance requirements while the chance of a data breach will be reduced by a considerable degree.

There are many ways we help you to achieve this, and if you head to the compliance map, you will receive an in-depth analysis of how Retail Secure helps you to achieve all of the requirements put in place by PCI DSS. From the implementation of a firewall, to restricting access to authorised users, to two-factor authentication, to creating a secure Cardholder Data Environment, there are many effective features of our solution. Here is a brief overview of the benefits you can expect to experience by investing in RetailCompli:

  • PCI DSS Level 1 Certified Solution
  • Cloud-based portal
  • Ease of use via one simple interface
  • Payment and business traffic is secured at all times
  • 3/4G Failover
  • Robust network
  • No upfront capital cost
  • No costly technical know-how required
  • 24x7 monitoring, including a support line
  • Easy output to SAQ
  • Protection from fraud losses and non-compliance fines
  • Extensive reporting features

If you would like to discover more about RetailCompli, please visit For any further questions, or to take advantage of this service, give Retail Secure a call on +44 (0) 333 320 8848 or send an email to, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We also offer a compliant guest Wi-Fi solution too.